I guess it’s a welcome back

Hi everyone who happens to drop by 😊 Your new friend’s name is Grace from the Philippines.  Expression is my passion. I’ve been writing inconsistently, and I want to return to it now after some years.  My site is created because most of the time I have no one to talk to (lol not really) about the things that interests me in.  Plus, as much as I would like to write my thoughts, I want to read and know about others’ as well.

The things I supposed you will be able to see here… are. Well, what puts me up every single day! πŸ˜ƒ

My occupation: SDA missionary

I didn’t finish my college. During my first year in the university I decided to join the missionary team in our church because I received the movings of the Spirit that Jesus will be coming anytime soon.  It was a simple principle that I want to spend my days preparing for that great day.  Friends, meeting Jesus needs preparation too; it is a lifetime work because the true future life promised to us in the Bible is not in this world.

By that, we missionaries have a different kind of educational system and upbringing.

We are trained to become musicians for the glory of God.  My playground is my piano and my violin and the uke. I belong to a gospel choir as well.

We are also trained to teach the gospel. Because we have been blessed by all bible based teachings we hold the obligation to impart the light received.

We are homekeepers.  Domestic life is a science essential for missionaries like us, though it is important to be learned of all youth.  Unfortunately it is a study neglected by so many today, thus many are not equipped to make a home after the will of God.

We are health reformers. Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and to be able to serve well our health must be well. We do not eat meat of any kind nor take synthetic drugs. This going against tradition is not a mere trend as some organizations would advocate, but God’s instructions if we want our health to be preserved.

If you happen to find me interesting. Lol. Then your eyes for reading my materials are most welcome. πŸ˜†

Good day and happy reading!



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