Alfredooooo My Love

There’s nothing not to crave about white sauce! 

This is a quick and simplified, and healthier (by that I meant not as detrimental) version of Alfredo Pasta.  Whyyy… because I didn’t use butter and parmesan cheese. Because I have none in my cupboard and I didn’t have the time to buy before this needed to be cooked 😂 I’m seizing the opportunity to cook deliciously for my voice teacher. And fortunately she patronizes my dishes 👌 Since the prime ingredients weren’t available, I was quite anxious if it’ll turn out still delectable. But it did. 😊 

I used flat spaghetti for the dish, but I would recommend the fettucine.  Instead of butter, I sauteed minced garlic with regular oil, added vegetarian ham (yup, my recipes are meatless), and then the all purpose cream. I am lacto ovo vegetarian so we still use dairy in our food, but sparingly.  Put some pasta water in it, and flavored the white sauce with salt, pepper, vegetarian “fish” sauce, and mushroom powder. When it is done cooking, the pasta dove in!! Hehe kid. I still added grated processed cheese (it’s not real cheese) to replenish the lack of parmesan.  Izzooo yummy still. 😊

Try this also, if you would like to minimize cholesterol in your favorite pasta dish.


Chicken(less) Lomi

Lomiiii my loooobb

It’s rainy season again here in the Philippines.  The trend always at the supper table is warm soup for the taste buds and the belly and the heart.  Lomi is one of my favorite soup options when the weather is cooold.  It was popularized by Batangas kitchens to their roadside carinderias as comfort food for travelers.  It is cooked with chicken and lomi noodles with a few vegetables, then made a little bit thick by egg and corn starch. Batangas lomis are generally thick because they add flour to the soup, but for now I opt not to do that.  Also, instead of thick lomi I used miki noodles.  And because no chickens were killed in this recipe, I grabbed the tofu from the chiller, cut it to bits, fried ’em and let them join in the fun.

I want a lot of spring onions in all my soups, especially those with noodles. ❤

For this recipe that serves 10, here are my ingredients:

1 big onion, chopped

6 cloves garlic, minced

1/4 kg miki noodles

1 medium carrot, julienned

Small bunch of baguio pechay, cut into strips

Half a block of tofu, cut to bite size pieces and pan fried

2 tbps corn starch dissolved in water

1 egg, beaten

Spring oniooooonsssssss

Vegetarian ham (optional)


Saute garlic and onions for a few minutes.  Add carrots.  Pour in water, about 8 cups. Add your vegetable seasoning (mushroom powder in my case) and ground black pepper. Let boil.  Add miki noodles, tofu and pechay. Season again with salt and vegetarian fish sauce.  Add spring onions, but leave some for toppings.  Then pour in beaten egg.  Mix thoroughly, then add corn starch.  Add more according to your desired consistency.  Turn the heat off. Top your bowl with remaining spring onions.

You may add vegetarian ham for more meaty flavor.  You can also top roasted garlic for a roasty… flavor. 😅

Enjooooy rainy days with CHICKENLESS LOMI !