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Preview Magazine - 2014

Preview Magazine - 2014

Preview Magazine - 2014

Atom Araullo, people! 😊 my crushie. October baby and proud Maroon. Like me.

Scientist, Journalist, Actor, Athlete, Photographer, Practical Singer. Weirdo, fun, handsome, passionate, intelligent, yet reserved and down to earth ❀ he isnt so realistic at all πŸ˜‚


Genuinely happy, are you?

While we are passionate about the pursuance of our own happiness, whether that be through fulfilling or amusing oneself, true happiness is still a rare gem that is yet to be discovered.

Let us well ponder on these thoughts…πŸ’‘πŸ’‘

TRUE HAPPINESS is not to be found in self-gratification, but in the path of duty. God desires man to be happy, and for this reason He gave him the precepts of His Law, that in obeying these he might have joy at home and abroad. While he stands in his moral integrity, true to principle, and having the control of all his powers, he cannot be miserable.

Mindanao Effort Preparations

As the soldiers go out well prepared for war, moreso does the little army of God that will be sent very soon for missionary work to a muslim dominated region in the Philippines. It will be a new challenge and new environment for me personally, because we will be laboring first time for fellow independent SDA churches there. When the appreciation of present truth is in the mind of the believer, this would compel him to impart, that others may also come to glorify God.

As for us, we are a singing group, but we are not confined to singing only. The ministry of music is effective in breaking down prejudices that cloud the minds of listeners. If its goal is achieved, we open to them the gospel. And to be able to do all these would need immense preparation: physically, emotionally, most of all spiritually. As we teach people to mind the spiritual things, we advocates of the truth should have learnt to be spiritual minded beforehand. The mind should be disciplined not to lose track of this goal.

From once every week, to twice, was our practice schedule while the days move towards the departure date. That means another day wageless, another night of delayed retirement. But still we’re lucky enough that my sister and I are supported by our parents in our missionary neccesities. And even luckier, no that’s not the right word… I meant to say more blessed, that the providences of God had provided us our air fare to and fro. That’s just one of those blessings and support that presses us more toward this endeavor.

With these privileges come the great responsibility of making use of them to honor the gospel work. There should be more perseverance on our part to make our singing pleasant, to study so as to teach reliably, to fill the mind with the sacredness of our mission instead of the prevailing amusements that Satan may use to interfere through us.

By God’s grace, and only through grace can the preparation stage gain success. May God bless our preps!

First step: get motivated

I am a writer… again. Been battling with a lot of inconsistencies for a long time already because I lack mental discipline. I have a love hate relationship with social media; which can be thrilling when you are validated, distressing if you aren’t. I need to shake off the poisonous environment from my system and I know I’d be happier and more contented with myself. I am thinking that blogging will help me get back on track again, and that I am very positive 😊 help me Lord.